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ようこそ ヨーガ Welcome to Yoga

This class is taught by:

Mark Shveima

アライアンスにおいてE-RYT500に認定。2007年より、ヒンドゥー・タントラにおいて高名な学者であり、人生かけての瞑想実践者でもあるPaul Muller-Ortegaポール・モラー=オルテガを師に継続的に集中して学んでいる。




Mark holds the Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 level certification. He has been in a continual immersive study of non-dual Shaiva Tantra and meditation with renowned Hindu Tantra scholar and lifelong meditator Paul Muller-Ortega since 2007.


Mark has spent 18 years investigating the myriad practices of hatha yoga, guided by a succession of intelligent, gifted teachers in a variety of styles, and his own daily study and practice. Mark's teaching has become an ever-evolving assimilation of his experience and study. He weaves philosophical teachings into each class with a focus of practical application for approaching the challenges of both the physical practice and day to day life.

Satsuki Nakamura

2009年以来 継続的にマーク・シュヴェイマのもとで勉強している。ジャズダンスの背景とヨーガと両方の視点から体の使い方をよく理解し、初めて体を動かす人に丁寧に指導する.






Since 2009, she has been continually studying with Mark Shveima.


“In my classes, I will guide you through communicating with your body to observe the body-mind from multiple viewpoints. When we do this, we begin to notice and enjoy the subtle and small changes within us, not only on the mat but also in day to day life. This is my favorite way of observing myself. Let's enjoy discovering new things about ourselves together!”


RYT 200 Yoga Alliance certified teacher

Yoko Inamura

ヨーガの実践を始めてから、地に足をつけた暮らしを求めて、同じ左京区でも北の田舎に在住. これまでの人生経験すべてが私自身を形成していることに気がついたとき、人生の実践は、ヨーガの実践そのものだと理解しました. 世の中には、人の数だけ様々な人生があります. 私が目指すのは、自分の経験してきたすべての体験に基づく真実から、出逢った生徒さんに寄り添い、より良い経験ができるように、その方向性を進むべき明るく照らせるような指導を目指します. 頂く貴重な時間をいつも大切に受けとめて、誠心誠意、心を込めて届けていきます. 
If you have wanted to try the practice of Yogasana (Yoga postures to improve physical health), or have less than a year of experience, this is a class for You.
Each class focuses on one or two alignment points. These points will help you create a safe pose that will increase your strength and flexibility and provide preventative maintenance for your body`s well being. With weekly practice, you can also alleviate physical pain and discomfort in your body, increase your ability to focus and improve your respiratory and cardiovascular system.


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